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Windows Gaming PC, PC Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift, RiftS, WMR, Vive, Index)


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How To Scan a Car and Assemble It In VR?

Making realistic repairs in the race car mechanic simulator Wrench

'Wrench' Tasks You With Assembling Cars in VR Down to the Nut and Bolt

Virtual reality game Wrench is the next-best thing to real-life mechanic work
VR Mechanical Assembly Game Looks Incredible

This VR game looks absolutely incredible 👌 Credit to Wrench, see more about the game here:

Posted by Car Throttle on Friday, August 18, 2017

The Ultimate Game For Petrolheads

This looks absolutely incredible! 😱 Credit to Wrench

Posted by Car Throttle on Thursday, October 4, 2018

Wrench tasks players with repairing and maintaining race cars. Each component in Wrench is meticulously crafted- Parts down to each nut and bolt are faithfully reproduced in order to provide players with an accurate simulation. Wrench features common fastening tools (ratchets and impacts) and accurately simulates fastener torque, stretch, and breakage. Players use a growing selection of lubricants and chemicals to perform common tasks like oil changes or brake fluid flushes.

Wrench is playable with a mouse and keyboard on a Windows gaming PCs or in virtual reality using motion controllers.

Wrench is available for purchase on Steam or in the Oculus store:

About the Team:
Wrench is developed by a two person team with nearly 30 years of combined professional game development experience.

Alec Moody: Art 
Experience: Game artist since 2002. Worked on over a dozen titles.

Jim Ashcraft: Programming
Experience: Game engine programmer and game developer since 2008 with a broad set of related skills and knowledge.