Assembly and Disassembly update

I am almost finished with the basic systems for assembly and disassembly. Each car part is a child class with a new static mesh and target socket defined in the construction script. I also implemented the ability to pickup and drop sub objects in a blueprint. I am planning around a basic structure with 3 classes of objects:
*A master object that holds the socket locations for parts to attach to
*Part assemblies which snap to the master and can be removed either whole or after partial disassembly
*Individual parts that make up the assemblies

I am still using an overlap event to get a reference between the parts and master object. This hasn’t been 100% reliable and seems to fail when I swap the parts between hands inside the collision volume.  I think switching to a sphere trace will be more reliable but I haven’t had time to test that this week.

Here is a video showing the snap system and the ability to pick up/drop assemblies and their sub components:

I think I am less than a week from having the dependency checks functioning and all of the art working with this system.



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