May Updates

It’s been a while since I posted an update, in part because there has been so much happening with Wrench behind the scenes. All good news. In March my friend Jim Ashcraft, formerly lead core engineer at Boss Key Productions, joined me in working on Wrench full time. Since bringing on Jim, progress has really picked up and I’ve been able to stop making artist code and focus on making content. In the coming months I’ll be posting details about new and improved gameplay systems that Jim is working on. For now, here’s some of the new stuff in Wrench:

Size-based part movement smoothing. This eliminates twitchy behavior and helps give objects a sense of weight.

More advanced install behaviors: Parts that are installed along a linear track (valves, fasteners, crankshaft, etc.) slide into place.

New tool features: Electric ratchet and torque wrench functionality. Tuning to feedback is adjusted to give players a better sense of bolt tension. Maximum force a hand tool can generate is based on handle length–use small tools for small fasteners.

First pass at saving and loading system.

2d mode: Play Wrench without VR, switch between VR and 2d-mode without leaving the game.


The second big piece of news is what enabled the first: I signed a deal with Castrol/BP to brand the lubricants in Wrench as Castrol products. For consumers this means two things: First, previously generic bottles of fluid will now be Castrol products; and second,I was able to hire Jim and you all get a better game sooner. I’m not required to push Castrol products or do any advertising for them outside of branding the products in the game. That said, Castrol should be commended for taking a risk on a small developer and I’m happy to have their support. Castrol makes high quality products and they have a long history of supporting motorsports.

Finally, my business will be operating under a new name: Missing Digit. Unfortunately, I set up my company with the original name, Digital Mistake, just weeks before another developer became visible when Steam did their mass game approval last year.


A video with some recent Wrench progress:



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  1. Loved that you picked a Miata for it, youll have the whole miata community praising you and wanting your game!

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