Wrench Announcement and Prototype 1 Video

The last two weeks have been busy. I finished my first large prototype milestone and have officially named my game Wrench. I am entering the phase of development where I want increased exposure. If you have been following my development, please share this.

My friend Matt Kohr put together this logo for me:

I also spent some time using Unreal’s new spectator screens for VR to make this video showing off the prototype:


Lastly, I added a media section to this blog where I will stick high res images of the art. Among the images I uploaded is this 4k wallpaper image that shows all of the parts currently working in the game:


I ended up making substantial changes to all of the gameplay systems and added a bunch of new functionality which I will detail in another post later.

22 thoughts on “Wrench Announcement and Prototype 1 Video

    • I started full time on it a few months ago. I had been doing leg work and part time work on it for about a year before that.

  1. I’ve been wrenching on Miata’s for 20 years as a hobby, I’d recognize those parts anywhere! TAKE MY MONEY!! I gotta have this!

  2. Would love to try this on my Vive!

    I have subscribed so hopefully receive some updates regarding demos and beta trials!

    Need any help with this, definitely keep me in mind!

  3. This is what I’m looking for! How sick would it be if someone like Jegs.com would do 3d scans of all their performance parts and you could “shop” for them, and have them “delivered” to your VR garage and build and upgrade your VR cars.

    Also something like this could be used as a learning tool. It would be awesome to be able to tear-down and rebuild a virtual engine part by part.

    It would be really cool if you could add a box wrench and a cordless impact driver, so you had to tighten and loosen all the nuts/bolts.

  4. This is absolutely amazing, Alec. By chance are there plans to do a basic car care VR class? Like showing simple things, such as oil changes, basic engine care or even changing a tire. I can think of so many people who would pay for something like this.

    I work in social media and marketing, and I’d love to help you work on this project. Give me a shout out if you’re interested.

  5. Hi! I’ve been working for 14 years on car insurance companies in Mexico City. In my actual company we’re very interested about this game and similar technologies for training our inspectors and repair simulations . How can we have more info about? A joint venture with us perhaps?


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    we also can help you in translating your game into Arabic for free as we although offering apps and games translation service.

    Best Regards

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