Free Wrench Demo for Oculus Rift

Wishlist the full game on steam here:

Or on the Oculus store here:

We just launched a free demo for Wrench in the Oculus store:  This demo guides players through assembling the bottom end of the engine, timing the engine, and filling it with oil. This demo is different from the full game in a few key ways:

  • The demo only supports Oculus Rift play. The full game works on Vive or without VR using a mouse and keyboard
  • The gameplay flow for this demo is a guided assembly of loose parts. The full game revolves around servicing complete cars. This means that players will have necessarily taken something apart before putting it back together, making the assembly process much easier.
  • The narrated tutorial game flow is unique to the demo, and not something found in the full game outside of a few narrow tutorials.

This demo provides high level guidance but won’t list out every part that needs to be installed or provide check boxes for every task. It is up to the player to player to read the help information and diagrams associated with every part to understand how it all fits together. The tutorial app also has a “highlight parts” button that will show you every part needed to complete each assembly phase.

I put together a few short tutorial videos to help people get started building their engine. First, make sure you are aware of the settings app. If the game isn’t running well you can adjust graphics settings (or turn them up depending on your hardware). You can also adjust your smooth locomotion speed in this app:

Here is a video on using tools successfully. There are many critical bolts inside the engine that need to be torqued to a very tight specification. Understanding how the tools work will help you get predictable results out of them:


Lastly a short video on using the part scanning tool and app together:




9 thoughts on “Free Wrench Demo for Oculus Rift

  1. Hi !
    Possible to dev this game for Oculus Go ?
    Thx !
    Hello !
    Possible de développer ce jeu pour Oculus Go ?
    Merci !

  2. Going to try out the demo this weekend.

    It may be a niche market, but I’m looking forward to this game a lot.
    I love working on my vehicles, but cost and needing a reliable daily have left me project-less for a while now.

  3. Hi,

    I loved the demo, but there is one small problem: I couldn’t start the engine. It said i didn’t miss any parts, i timed the engine correctly and i had the correct amount of oil in. I did notice that there where no spark plugs, is that the reason it didn’t start? again, loved the demo and i’m certainly going to buy the full game.

    • Hi,
      Same problem as you the first time, and after many retries i see that bolt need to be at right torque with manual hand mouvement, the electronic only use a small torque.

  4. Looks and feels great. Level of detail is amazing. I would love to have some explanations of what each part does (I have only very basic knowledge of how engines and cars overall work) but otherwise, this is superb. Can’t wait to spend hours in the full game.

  5. I’ve never been a mechanical person. I picked this up as it was a free demo and was amazed by it.

    Despite having no interest in engines for the last 40 years. I will be eagerly awaiting full release

  6. i would love to see this put into the full game, as another way to play, maybe in the main menu. i looked all over in game for this then found out through your site its only the demo version for oculus. was disappointed. but still love the full game coolest thing iv played.

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