4 thoughts on “Wrench released for Early Access on Steam

  1. Hi,
    Happy new year to you all and I hope this reaches you on good favor. My question is when will the engine build component be available for the Vive early access demo? The free demo for the rift looks really awesome, but I’m currently not running Revive as it’s been rather buggy on my computer.
    You guys have done an absolutely fantastic job so far! And for a gearhead like me this is a dream come true! Thanks!

  2. aloha, Wrench-
    I just played your VR demo and it was amazing! just wanted to say how awesome it was, never thought I’d be excited to put an engine together lol.
    I’d like to suggest maybe doing a VR of a motorcycle. seems like less parts and what not and would b a great start for new riders (which I am).
    anyways keep up the great work, I look forward to what you guys do next, especially with VR!

  3. I didn’t complete the demo. I was too blown away by the step by step tutorial. It seemed to made my Oculus Rift more of an asset as opposed to a time killer. A few minutes into the demo my mind raced thinking this is the perfect training sim. All it needed were high end import engines…..race cars….diesel engines…airplane engines.. etc. What if every occupation/hobbyist had a vr tutorial to help them? Good stuff.. More engines please!

  4. would love to see a classic VW campervan engine in this game. There’s plenty of market for it with the amount of people who have one and like to do their own work to the engines. Would help newbies like me understand how it all works!

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