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    • I started full time on it a few months ago. I had been doing leg work and part time work on it for about a year before that.

  1. This is so great! Is this “game” accurate enough to train on and learn how to build Bauer Catfish? I think this has a great deal of potential for automotive technology training and education much like what is going on with medical training in virtual reality. Where can one try this program?

  2. So you are basically just ripping off “My Summer Car” then! Your company logo and name are ironic,the fingers being cut off a thief for digital mistakes.

  3. Ok so idk if u got the idea from “My Summer Car” hell i know i did. But man WOW it looks amazing please god keep up the good work. I would love to be on an email list for updates about this game. You are doing what i wanted to do. Can’t wait to see the full game.

  4. I’ve been wrenching on Miata’s for 20 years as a hobby, I’d recognize those parts anywhere! TAKE MY MONEY!! I gotta have this!

  5. Tienes el ejecutable para poder verlo en mis gafas de rv?
    Estoy muy interesado en probarlo.
    Un saludo y gracias

  6. Would love to try this on my Vive!

    I have subscribed so hopefully receive some updates regarding demos and beta trials!

    Need any help with this, definitely keep me in mind!

  7. This is what I’m looking for! How sick would it be if someone like Jegs.com would do 3d scans of all their performance parts and you could “shop” for them, and have them “delivered” to your VR garage and build and upgrade your VR cars.

    Also something like this could be used as a learning tool. It would be awesome to be able to tear-down and rebuild a virtual engine part by part.

    It would be really cool if you could add a box wrench and a cordless impact driver, so you had to tighten and loosen all the nuts/bolts.

  8. This is absolutely amazing, Alec. By chance are there plans to do a basic car care VR class? Like showing simple things, such as oil changes, basic engine care or even changing a tire. I can think of so many people who would pay for something like this.

    I work in social media and marketing, and I’d love to help you work on this project. Give me a shout out if you’re interested.

  9. Hi! Im working actually on a car insurance company in Mexico City. We’re very interested about this game for training our inspectors and repair simulations . How can we have more info about?


  10. Hi! I’ve been working for 14 years on car insurance companies in Mexico City. In my actual company we’re very interested about this game and similar technologies for training our inspectors and repair simulations . How can we have more info about? A joint venture with us perhaps?


  11. Loved the trailer. Amazing graphics! Would like to see some install/remove animations when attaching parts, and removing the ability to move objects through eachother when holding them. Should have to do it just like real life!

  12. Great work. Been following this blog for a couple of months and I’m really enjoying seeing how the project unfolds. Do you still plan on doing the follow up post to this one regarding your high- to low-poly modelling workflow? I’m looking at doing some photogrammetry and would love to learn how you’ve managed to get such clean final meshes

  13. Wow, really exciting! I am an Automotive Instructor at an up and coming college in New York. We are currently in the middle of some exciting additions within our department. This is very interesting to me because I can see using something like this to educate our students. We are really searching for new ways to present interesting material in the lecture and self study portions of our program. This would be an incredible tool for us in so many ways. Have you thought about marketing this to colleges? Do you have anything for use/sale currently? We are trying to get away from the standard of requiring one text per class. It is very costly for the students and sometimes not very effective in my opinion. Any information or recommendations to help us utilize this unique software or something similar would be greatly appreciated!

  14. Stunning work!

    I see that you have universal grab and snap method do you also plan to have a pinch grab for smaller/thinner things because you rarely grab bolts by closing the palm. Or is that yet to be developed?

    Can’t wait until something playable will be available.

  15. Alec, what you are doing is nothing short than AMAZING. Your work and knowledge have huge implications for the non-game industry. I believe that we are seeing a change in how mechanical Designers work. Maybe, since Gaspard Monge we have never seen something so impactful like this. I look forward to have opportunity to meet you someday to talk about your and mine ideas and vision.

  16. Excellent work, you seem to be making good progress on this.
    Do you have an ETA on a testable beta and are you looking for anybody to test this?
    I am a mechanical engineering teacher and I am very excited for my students to have a go of this as we do not have access to a lot of resources and at the moment the best I can give them in VR is some cross sections of models from inventor.

  17. Hi!
    I am looking to learn about cars and want to work on my own jeep! Just looking through all of this and reading articles about your work, I am super excited and cant wait for the release!

  18. I hope you’re still going strong! The world is sorely in need of your game and the progress you made so far is amazing.

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    Best Regards

  20. Those look amazing man! How did u go about doing the scan of the glove? Did you have a friend wear the glove or did you have the glove on a mannequin hand and did the photos studio style? Id love to hear about the process you did for these!

  21. Hello,

    First, thank you vry much to share your work !!
    Just 2 question:
    1° Where do you find the caps/button put on the “Derek Speare Designs 4 Way Thumb Joystick” … I try to find the same or this on the Fanatec BMW M2 Steering wheel… ?
    2° Is it possible to replace the “Derek Speare Designs 4 Way Thumb Joystick ” by the “Leo Bodnar 8 Way Hat Switch” ?

    Thank you

  22. Hi,
    I just wanted to ask if you could clarify what you meant in your camera setup,
    “Most people don’t have off camera flash units (on camera flash or any moving lighting is a big no no) and are going to be shooting with continuous lighting. ”
    please tell me what you mean about off-camera flash units? I understand you should not use the flash setting in your camera.

    “If you do have access to flash photography you can handhold all of your images and shooting will only take a few minutes”

    So what exactly is the kind of flash lighting I need? How does that make your shots that much more motion blur/noise free if handheld?
    Also I’d like to know if in your setup, did you move the camera while shooting around the object or did the object turn while the camera was still.


    • I use inexpensive monolights. Mine are made by Paul C. Buff.

      Flash units let you handhold because the exposure duration is no longer a function of shutter speed but the duration of the flash. They also generate a lot more light than continuous lighting so I can shoot at f/11 and get more in focus in each shot.

      I keep the object fixed in space and move around it.

  23. Hey friend
    My name is Eyal Dery and I am a teacher at high-level schools. I liked your work very much and I would like to try it on students in the education system
    I’ll be glad if you come back to me

  24. Hello, I am Shai from Israel, an auto company manager, I would like to present your software to the Ministry of Labor.

  25. I’ve been teaching my 14 year old grandson about how cars work. I asked him to ask his friends questions about how an engine works. His friends have no clue what he is talking about. This is a great concept. Good luck in designing it.

  26. I just wanted to say this looks absolutely amazing. The concept is awesome too. I wish there were more games that helped you build actual skills like this. I am very excited about it. It’s probably very hard doing this by yourself but don’t give up on it! We need games like this!

  27. As a fellow car-enthusiast and programmer, this looks awesome! I would love to be able to play this when it is released.

  28. Loved that you picked a Miata for it, youll have the whole miata community praising you and wanting your game!

  29. I’ve been watching this progress for a while now and it’s looking great! Can’t wait to get my hands on it and try it out. I had one question with the blueprint you’ve posted above. I tried to replicate what you’ve done step-by-step, but I can’t get the snap function to fully work. I have the distance to snap display properly, but no snap. Any advice for how to get this to work? Thanks!

    • One day I hope he gets enough money to do this with an original AC Shelby Cobra, or maybe a Mclaren that was in the 24 hours of LeMans.

  30. Hello!
    Sorry for my bad english!

    I want to know if you still produced this intake 3D printed for 95 NA8 Miata?

    What will be the prize? I read on different forums, around 300$, is it true?

    Thanks you man!

  31. wish it happens to life too.
    I’m an Aircraft mechanic and it is on experimental stage…
    Working with iPad and Work Orders plus Camera.
    (there is a video on youtube, showing that).. comment me if you want to share it.

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  33. Hi !
    Possible to dev this game for Oculus Go ?
    Thx !
    Hello !
    Possible de développer ce jeu pour Oculus Go ?
    Merci !

  34. Going to try out the demo this weekend.

    It may be a niche market, but I’m looking forward to this game a lot.
    I love working on my vehicles, but cost and needing a reliable daily have left me project-less for a while now.

  35. Hi,

    I loved the demo, but there is one small problem: I couldn’t start the engine. It said i didn’t miss any parts, i timed the engine correctly and i had the correct amount of oil in. I did notice that there where no spark plugs, is that the reason it didn’t start? again, loved the demo and i’m certainly going to buy the full game.

    • Hi,
      Same problem as you the first time, and after many retries i see that bolt need to be at right torque with manual hand mouvement, the electronic only use a small torque.

  36. Looks and feels great. Level of detail is amazing. I would love to have some explanations of what each part does (I have only very basic knowledge of how engines and cars overall work) but otherwise, this is superb. Can’t wait to spend hours in the full game.

  37. I just downloaded the Demo for this for the Oculus store. It’s fantastic! Please don’t give up on the development of this. I’m HIGHLY looking forward to it! I do freelance work in UE and have been building cars with my dad since I was teenager. This is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been waiting for!

    Somewhere down the road you should consider a model import feature to allow players to import their own engine or car models.

    A Garage layout designer might be a fun addition as well.

  38. I’ve never been a mechanical person. I picked this up as it was a free demo and was amazed by it.

    Despite having no interest in engines for the last 40 years. I will be eagerly awaiting full release

  39. i would love to see this put into the full game, as another way to play, maybe in the main menu. i looked all over in game for this then found out through your site its only the demo version for oculus. was disappointed. but still love the full game coolest thing iv played.

  40. Found this blog after seeing a Wrench VR post on Reddit.

    I’m also highly interested in the low-poly model creation from photogrammetry. I’ve used Reality Capture to create models, but they need a lot of work. I’ve tried MeshLab to reduce the poly count, but I still don’t have something I could use effectively.

  41. Hi,
    Happy new year to you all and I hope this reaches you on good favor. My question is when will the engine build component be available for the Vive early access demo? The free demo for the rift looks really awesome, but I’m currently not running Revive as it’s been rather buggy on my computer.
    You guys have done an absolutely fantastic job so far! And for a gearhead like me this is a dream come true! Thanks!

  42. aloha, Wrench-
    I just played your VR demo and it was amazing! just wanted to say how awesome it was, never thought I’d be excited to put an engine together lol.
    I’d like to suggest maybe doing a VR of a motorcycle. seems like less parts and what not and would b a great start for new riders (which I am).
    anyways keep up the great work, I look forward to what you guys do next, especially with VR!

  43. I didn’t complete the demo. I was too blown away by the step by step tutorial. It seemed to made my Oculus Rift more of an asset as opposed to a time killer. A few minutes into the demo my mind raced thinking this is the perfect training sim. All it needed were high end import engines…..race cars….diesel engines…airplane engines.. etc. What if every occupation/hobbyist had a vr tutorial to help them? Good stuff.. More engines please!

  44. would love to see a classic VW campervan engine in this game. There’s plenty of market for it with the amount of people who have one and like to do their own work to the engines. Would help newbies like me understand how it all works!